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Entry #2

Why?? =(

2007-11-17 16:15:07 by adamritchie

Guys, I can't fucking believe it!
My girlfriend fucking dumped me!!
Like, what the hell?
Man, I wanted to die for like, a whole 3 minutes!

All I did was like, have sex with two of her friends, and her 10 year old sister. (Her sister liked to roleplay. She pretended like she was being raped. And she acted really well. I think she could of been an actor. Too bad I had to mutilate her face to shut her up since she wouldn't stop screaming. Sillyyyy women.)
But seriously, what the hell is wrong with that?

Oh, and get this! She was angry with ME, when her dog ran infront of my freshly fired bullets. Can you believe that? Like, god, what a bitch!

She's a total bitch, think I should kill her? I'm debating it.
Well, I'm off to sharpen my axe, never know when the bitch wants her stuff back.

Talk to y'all later! Xoxoxo!


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